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EasyFolios - NAEYC accreditation ePortfolios

"EasyFolios is a wonderful service! We could not have completed the NAEYC accreditation process without it. All the standards and criteria are easily layed out online, which allowed us to work on our portfolios simultaneously from anywhere at anytime. Using EasyFolios saved us time and energy, and most importantly, preserved our sanity."(Jason Triplett, Director, Little Anchor Children's Center).

"EasyFolios greatly simplified our NAEYC portfolios. Teachers found it easy to use. We saved time and money loading photos and documents into our EasyFolios. Our program was successfully NAEYC reaccredited. The NAEYC assessor was very pleased with our EasyFolios portfolios. Based on our experience we've recommended EasyFolios to several early childhood centers in Texas."(Jennifer Skopal, Assistant Director, Children's Learning Centers, University of Houston).

PortfolioMyDay - ECE Parent Connect

"We have been compiling electronic student portfolios using the ENZgroup since 2004. Observation and documentation have become an integral part of our approach to early childhood education. Teachers can easily store photo and text information digitally into portfolios, which are used for city and state review and compliance as well. Over the years our student portfolios have become a significant channel for parent communications. Good luck." (Toni Couden, Executive Director, Whizz Kids Academy).

"At Whole Child Learning Center we utilize Portfolios from ENZgroup each day and have been doing so since early 2005. We find it easy to use, informative to both parents and fellow teachers, and an invaluable tool that helps us document and track each child's accomplishments.

As educators we find that it also helps us further the development of our teaching skills as we reflect and add to the portfolios.We share events with one another, brainstorm challenging issues, and document milestones from our day.

ENZ portfolios also enables extended family to share in their grandchild's educational experiences, connecting school and home in a unique way. As a dedicated teacher and business owner I appreciate the support of ENZgroup support team. It makes visible all the wonderful things that take place during a child's day, connecting the child, teacher, and parents." (Maria Stobie, Owner, Whole Child Learning Center).


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